Neglected and Abandoned Animals

From time to time, special cases come along that the Sunshine Foundation will sponsor on a per case basis. The work done with these animals is inspired by Solja Boy who was rescued by Dr. Jung during her tenure at the St Croix Animal Welfare Center.

sweet-libertyOn July 7th, 2014 “Liberty” was found lying on the side of the road in a residential area of St Croix.  This approximately 6 year old female pitbull mix was found starving to death, unable to move. She was rushed into Sugar Mill Vet Center and after careful evaluation and thought, Dr. Jung agreed to sponsor her rehabilitation via the Sunshine Foundation.  After a month and a half of rehabilitation, she was up and walking and ready to begin heartworm treatment funded by donations. Unfortunately, Liberty didn’t make it due to complications from emergency surgery. However, during her time at SMVC she was loved deeply and knew care and compassion.
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Solja-BoyIn Memory of Solja Boy

Solja was rescued in 2007 from the streets of St. Croix by the Warden, Odey Constant, of the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center. He was in a state of severe starvation and dehydration after being abandoned by his family who moved off-island the year prior. He was skin and bones and could only lift his head. He captured the heart of Dr. Jung, as the entire shelter staff worked hard to provide him with nursing care and rehabilitation therapy.

Solja’s rehabilitation was a long journey. He used a special cart for a year and in 2009 his left front leg was amputated due to chronic pain. But, he recuperated well and eventually became the mascot of Sugar Mill Vet Center. Solja passed in 2012 but his memory lives on through the Sunshine Foundation. Read more about Solja’s Story.