Ruff Start

Ruff Start

Ruff StartDonations provided to Ruff Start are applied to their veterinary care account.

Ruff Start is a grassroots rescue headed by Katie Nelson. Ruff Start’s mission is to proactively search out the dogs who can’t search for help themselves. The critically ill, injured, abandoned dogs within our community. To go into known dump sites and remove dogs in need, and in some cases, remove dogs from bad living situations when the owner agrees to surrender.

Ruff Start will also work with owners and community to provide education on how to better take care of owned and stray dogs.  They work with scared and shutdown dogs to gain trust in order to capture, bring in for medical care, socialize, and eventually rehome.

The focus is on the “unadoptable” dogs that would normally not make it in a shelter environment and give them the time and attention they need to become safe, adoptable pets.


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